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Are you ready to kick back and enjoy the coolest, freshest air inside your home this summer? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for a whole house fan system. These amazing devices do an excellent job of pulling fresh air from the outside and into your home. These fan systems are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a comfortable atmosphere in their homes without the high cost of traditional air conditioning units. Whether you use these units to replace an air conditioning system or in conjunction with one, homeowners who install a whole house fan experience 70% lower costs on utility bills!

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Whole House Fan Man™

Boise is a beautiful place to call home. Living in a bustling area like Boise ID means energy bills are not going to be the cheapest. In order to conserve electricity and save the environment, it is very important that your household electricity and air conditioning systems are efficient. An old or unmaintained HVAC system means you are paying extra money as energy bills.

This is why we are here! We are the perfect company for you. Why? Because we know everything about whole house fan installation and we can install your system anywhere in Boise, ID. Whether your house is small or big, we simply need some time and we will set up your system in a beautiful and efficient manner. You will be pleased to learn that our fan systems are known to cause significant reduction in energy bills because our fan system is very efficient and reduces energy wastage which in turn makes you happy by reducing the cost of energy.

Now that you know the huge upside of installing our fan system, what are you waiting for? There is no reason for you to wait anymore and give extra money every month in terms of energy bills. Make life easier for you and your family by getting our fan system installed. We provide services in the entire Boise, ID region.

Who doesn’t like extra cash in their pocket? If you are tired of your old and inefficient fan system then it’s time for you to opt for our whole house fan installation because it is the only way to save money and keep the environment green by reducing inefficiency. Do yourself and your environment a favor and get our fan system installed Today!

New RF Control by E-Controls

Now offering the new RF Control from E-Controls. Homeowners will now have the ability to control their Whole House Fan from anywhere in the home. You can adjust speed settings, set countdown times and no Wi-Fi pairing is required.

Why Choose Whole House Fan Man

Warranty Offered

Every fan system that we install comes with Full Manufacturer’s Warranty as well as 10-year labor warranty.

Experienced and Licensed

With decades of experience under our belt, the last thing you need to worry about is the quality of our work.

Bonded and Insured

Our licensed electricians and bonded and insured which should bring peace of mind and eliminate any possible financial risks.

Price Transparency and Free Estimation

We believe in transparent pricing and we lead by example. When we come to check out your project, we will let you know the final price and there won’t be any hidden charges.

Always on Time

We take commitments very seriously and don’t believe in making excuses. Therefore, when we will give you a completion date you can expect us to deliver.

5 Star Rated

Don’t take us on our word and just check the reviews by yourself. They will let you know the quality of work that we offer.


Definitely brings cool comfort to your home along with huge cost savings. Definitely recommend installing a house fan!

Raymond Ramos

Would never live in any house again without a whole house fan. Thank you Nick for making the installation quick and clean!

Julie Bershin

So glad to finally have my wholehouse fan, the crew was the best,  clean,  fast, knowledgable and friendly.
Thanks Whole House Fan Man

John Landon

They walked me through the process of getting a whole house fan, were on time and very tidy. Easy to work with a company that really cares about their customers.

Travis Clayton


Get up to $200 Back from Idaho Power

Get up to $200 Back from Idaho Power

I’m sure you’ve heard of Energy Incentives and Rewards for installing environmentally friendly home systems, such as Solar. Then it should come as no surprise that a Whole House Fan, which also improves the energy efficiency of your home, also comes with an Energy...

The best whole house fan installation guide on internet

The best whole house fan installation guide on internet

A worthy opponent of air conditioners, a whole house fan also conditions the air, improve air quality, cools temperature and maintains humidity at decent level. To begin, we'll define what a whole house fan is and how it differs from a standard air conditioner....

How to get rid of dust and improve indoor air quality

How to get rid of dust and improve indoor air quality

What is the state of the air in your home? What is more dangerous is, it is not visible to naked eye until you start feeling unwell. Indoor air quality may be two to five times worse than outside air, which is significant given that as per Environmental Protection...

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Get up to $200 Back from Idaho Power

As a reward for improving the energy efficiency of your home, like other environmentally friendly home systems such as Solar, your local Idaho Power energy company offers up to $200 cash incentive when you install a Whole House Fan with a qualified professional like us!

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