I’m sure you’ve heard of Energy Incentives and Rewards for installing environmentally friendly home systems, such as Solar. Then it should come as no surprise that a Whole House Fan, which also improves the energy efficiency of your home, also comes with an Energy Incentive! When you get a Whole House Fan installed in your home with a qualified professional like us, Idaho Power will give you up to $200 CASH!

How Whole House Fans work– An effective alternate to air conditioner:

A whole-house fan is a cooling ventilation system that utilizes less energy than a standard air conditioner. This energy-saving device works by bringing cold, outside air into your home and exhausting it through your attic vents. This keeps your home cooler than an air conditioner.

Many people mix up a whole house fan with an attic fan, although they serve different purposes. A whole house fan provides an exhaust system and removes the hot inside air and replaces it with the cool outside air.

While both an air conditioner and a whole house fan chill your home, they operate in quite different ways. Whole house fan can act as an effective companion or even alternative of air conditioner. A whole house fan simply minimizes the usage of air conditioner by improving the cool air flow inside the house.

Whenever the temperature outside is cooler than the temperature inside you can take the help of your whole house fan to make indoor air cooler.

A whole-house fan, unlike an air conditioner, does not have Freon, a compressor, or a condenser. It’s simply just air, moving air.


Advantages of a Whole House Fan:

A whole house fan has become an absolute necessity today. They enable you to save great amount of money by minimizing the need to run the air conditioner. They are easy on voltage and amazingly affordable. Some of the best advantages of whole house fan that make them must have for your house are:

1. Quick and effective performance

2. Reduces the need for air conditioning

3. Affordable

4. Low-cost operation

5. Quiet operation.

6. Indoor air quality improvement

7. Environmentally friendly

8. Simple to Install


Whole House Fan installation:

You can easily get the whole house fan installed in your home with our professional and experienced technician.

Our team is highly skilled in whole house fan installation and gets the job done within hours, ensuring the house is all well cleaned so you won’t even know we were there.

While our installation fee is already very affordable, you can also get up to $200 back from the local Idaho Power Energy Efficiency Incentive by using a qualified professional to install your whole house fan.


Whole house fan installation incentive:

Idaho Power offers an incentive of up to 200$ on whole house fan installation.

There is a maximum of one incentive per home. Qualifying homes include homes with central air conditioning, zonal cooling or a heat pump. They must be single-family built on-site and can be a primary residence, vacation home or rental.


How long does it take to install a whole house fan:

Whole house fans are easy and quick to install. Book the technician who will be at your place in no time, and do exactly what they do best – install the whole house fan.

As long as you have an electrical outlet near the whole house fan, it will take the technician around 2-4 hours to completely install the whole house fan.


Install a Whole House Fan and Claim Your Incentive Today!

Whole house fans are surely a top-notch product and have countless benefits to install in your home, especially the fact that there is an active incentive on the installation.

Check now to see if you qualify for the residential whole house fan installation incentive.

The incentive maybe subject to change, for more details check out the terms and conditions.

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