You just bought a whole house fan or are looking to buy one? That’s great. But are you worried about electricity cost of whole house fans? How will whole house fans contribute to your electricity bills?

Ideally, it is rational to do your research beforehand, and then going for the purchase.

A whole house fan in simple terms is a ventilation cooling system. Whole house fan works by bringing cold, outside air into your home and exhausting it through your attic vents. This keeps your home cooler than an air conditioner.

Traditionally we used to allow some fresh air in by opening some windows and doors. While this is a passive technique, a whole house fan pushes it up a notch and offers a cool, pleasant wind throughout the house while also chilling the attic.

Read along to learn how you can save a lot of money by buying a whole house fan and how to effectively use a whole house fan.


How whole house fan works:

It is first important to understand how whole house fans work.

A whole house fan simply moves air from your living room to your attic. The air then departs your house through vents in a well-ventilated attic. Whole house fan draws air outside through any opening, such as open windows and doors. Before turning on your full house fan, always make sure to open a window or two.


Benefits of whole house fan:

Whole house fans have numerous benefits. The most important one is that they can definitely bring down your electricity expense by a fair margin. How they do so is the real question.

Here are all the facts you need to know if you are curious about how whole house fan will impact your electricity bill and why you should install one:

Lowers air conditioner usage:

First and most important benefit of a whole house fan is that you don’t have to have your air conditioner running all the time because of the speedy cooling of a Whole House fan.

During summer, air conditioner can contribute 50 to 70 % of your electricity bill.

You will feel cooler because of the airflow and breeze that has been produced throughout the home by whole house fan. This will result in little usage of air conditioner.

Whole house fan running cost:

Running a Whole House Fan is really inexpensive, like cents per hour. It may also be used more irregularly than air conditioning because it is so effective at immediately cooling your home and attic. This translates to huge reduction in air-conditioning-related power bills.

Run your whole house fan for at least 10 minutes in the morning to create a cool breeze through the home and into the attic for better results and saving. This will get rid of any lingering hot stale air from the night before.

Cool core of the home:

It’s one thing to chill the air in your house, but if the rest of your house, that include structure and attic, remains hot, cooling the house the next time will be more difficult and expensive.

The idea of Thermal Mass Cooling allows Whole House Fans to cool the whole core of the house, allowing them to stay substantially colder the next day. As a result, overall cooling expenses are significantly lower, especially when compared to air conditioning.

Healthy Air:

All kinds of terrible toxins get trapped in when your house is locked up, especially during the winter months. Bacteria, allergies, pet dander, smells, and other contaminants are all present in the indoor air.

As per several researches, indoor air is found to be more polluted than outside air.

Whole House Fans, on the other hand, do a lot more than merely keep your home cool. One of its most significant advantages is that they remove all contaminants stored in stale, stagnant indoor air and replace them with fresh outside air, significantly enhancing air purity and wellness in your house.

Affordable to purchase:

Despite savings on electricity bill, you can also save a lot on buying a whole house fan too.

Whole house fans are quite cheaper than air conditioners and their other competitors and include low cost maintenance service.


Is whole house fan a fit for your home?

This might be a fantastic purchase if you enjoy keeping your windows open and not having to use the air conditioner as much.

Unlike an attic fan, a whole house fan also helps to raise the market value of a property. Furthermore, if you wish to utilize a ceiling-mounted whole-house fan, your property must have appropriate ventilation.

The disadvantage is that if you live in a location where there is a lot of dust or pollen, this will not work for allergy sufferers. Unfortunately, it brings in outside air, which is problematic for allergy sufferers.

Contact our experts now to guide you further in this regard.


Whole house fan installation:

Whole house fan installation isn’t something you will have to break the bank for.

You will just surely need a professional technician or contractor to help you install the whole house fan professionally.

We have an experienced team that can help install the whole house fan in the best and cost effective way possible.


Conclusion – Can whole house fan solve your high utility bill worries

If you live in an area where outdoor temperature is decent most of the times, a whole house fan is a must–have for you.

There are several studies to prove the fact that whole house fans are effective and save you at least 50% on your electricity bills. Next time someone tries to tell you otherwise, provide them with the facts supporting whole house fan benefits.

Thanks for reading till this point. We hope you learned enough about whole house fans and how you can save money with them.

You can contact us for more information and personalized suggestions as per your situation and house. Happy savings and happy living.

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